Taking action: 1.3+ million workers trained

We believe in taking action to improve the lives of garment workers. We are proud to be a founding member of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety.

Together with local Bangladeshis, workers and other retailers — the Alliance is supporting efforts to drive lasting, positive impact for Bangladeshi garment workers, the garment industry and the country's economy.

To learn more about some of the dramatic safety improvements made since the Alliance was founded in July 2013, check out the lastest progress report from the Alliance.


Inside our plan

Check out the details of our 4-part Fire & Building Safety Action Plan, launched in 2012. 


Beyond Gap Inc.

We want and expect our impact to be broader than the factories that we work with. In July 2013, we joined the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety. Visit the Alliance website for the latest updates.  


Training is key

More than one million garment workers and managers were trained in fire safety practices this year.

In the news

Check out what others are saying about ongoing efforts to improve safety conditions for Bangladesh garment workers.


How inspections work

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety and other organizations announce common, harmonized standards for fire and structural inspections.